Training aims and objectives


The Additional Qualification focuses on the practical implementation of Snoezelen, room design to meet the specific needs of the target groups and observation of the effects of Snoezelen. The sessions will take place in differently designed room. The course emphasises on the importance of the participants’ self-awareness. During the seminars participants will develop practical sessions and test their effects in demonstration lessons. Thereby it is required to transfer the content to a specifically selected target group. Furthermore during home study participants are expected to work through the manuscript and advised literature. An essay and a practical exam will complete the course. For the practical unit participants will study a specified subject area at home and put it into practice together with other participants or with a specific target group within a facility.


Course structure

The course is divided into 4 four-day modules. Once the fourth module is completed, an exam will take place in a Snoezelen room. The date and venue will be arranged by the course organiser.

The course will alternate between practical work, demonstrations, lecturers, group work and home study. Demonstration lessons will be performed in facilities for people with disabilities and observations will be carried out. The practical units will be delivered in different Snoezelen rooms. With advice and guidance from the lecturers participants will prepare the transfer of knowledge for the particular application fields into praxis.

The following table provides an overview of temporal structure of the course:

Theory 40 hours
Praxis (including 2 hours observation) 72 hours
Placement 20 hours
Home study (including preparation time for demonstration lessons) 50 hours
Exam (including essay) 18 hours
  200 hours


The 40 hours theory and 72 hours praxis are spread over 4 interrelated modules of 28 hours each. Depending on the participants availability they can be completed in the given order.

1. Basic module
2. Basic module

+ 2 Practical Modules
To be chosen from a selection of practical modules offered. 

It is possible to complete the course within 2 years.

As each module presents a completed and very informative unit, it is possible to participate in just one seminar without the intention of obtaining the Additional Qualification Snoezelen.


Certificate of performance

Altogether participants are required to deliver 4 certificates of performance:

1. A one-week placement in a facility selected by the participant (20 hours)
    At the end a placement report has to be produced.
2. Preparing two demonstration lessons in writing (approximately 6 pages per lesson)
3. A practical exam of 6 hours (3 participants in a group)
4. An essay (approximately 12 pages) about a subject to be agreed with the lecturer




  •  After completing 4 Modules
  •  By arrangement with the course organiser and the responsible lecturer


  •  A total of 6 hours in one day


  •  The exam can be held at the participants work facility or at the course venue.


  •  Through the training institute of Lebenshilfe in Erlangen in association with “ISNA professional” oder
  •  Through the Training institute “ISNA professional”, Prof. Dr. Krista Mertens or through members of the teaching team
  •  Two lecturers from the course will conduct the exam.


Exam procedure:

After the four modules have been completed, the participant will register for the exam with the training network “ISNA professional”. After consultation with the responsible lecturer the participant will be given a subject for his/her essay of maximal 12 pages as selected from the content catalogue of the course, which will have to be done within three month. If the essay meets the requirements a date will be set for the demonstration lessons (60 minutes per participant). The practical exam will be performed in groups of three. Participants will prepare a Snoezelen session in writing at home, aimed at a named target group, whereby the three individual sequences should be coordinated.

The focus is on formulating the effectiveness and on implementing the therapeutic-orientated and/or therapeutic objectives of Snoezelen. The practical unit will be put into practice with the participants and/or people with disabilities. The units will be conducted by 2 lecturers from the course and reflected upon within the group and critically evaluated.


The qualification:

After successful completion the participant will obtain the certificate “Internationally Recognised Additional Qualification Snoezelen”from the training institute “ISNA professional”.


Course venues

The “International Additional Qualification Snoezelen” can be obtained at the following venues:

  •  Training Centre Berlin
  •  Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk Förderstätte in Maria Bildhausen
  •  Fortbildungsinstitut der Lebenshilfe in  Erlangen (training institute)
  •  Senioren-Zentrum Vitanas in Nürnberg
  •  Heilpädagogische Praxis Düwiger in Binningen, Schweiz
  •  Seoul Community Rehabilitation Center in Seoul, Südkorea




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