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Prof. Dr. Krista Mertens, Berlin

November 2014

Snoezelen today in education in therapy
1. Foundation and aims of "International Snoezelen Association" (ISNA)
In the mid-eighties I had heard about Snoezelen from a head of a special needs school in Paderborn-Schloss Neuhaus and wanted to see for myself what the incredible description of shiny rooms for people with disabilities was all about. It didn't take long for me to realise its amazing potential and that we had to keep an eye on it. In 1981 I travelled to the Netherlands to visit the de Hardenberg centre in Ede and met Ad Verheul. I visited the Snoezelen rooms where I also met Jan Hulsegge who worked with Ad Verheul. Over the next few years there was a regular exchange - mainly trips with my students - and the idea was born to scientifically research and underpin the effects of Snoezelen.
In 2002 the first International Snoezelen Symposium  "Many countries - many concepts" took place at the Humboldt University in Berlin from the 10th to the 12th of October. 120 participants from Japan, Canada, Israel, Russia, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and Germany took part. That is when the "International Snoezelen Association" was founded. (During the congress the students searched the internet to ensure that the abbreviation "ISNA" was still available.)
The idea of Snoezelen was completely new to people working with disabled people, especially for the severely disabled. Earliest private and...

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Manuela Trescher, Maria Bildhausen

Snoezelen in Maria Bildhausen

The Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk is a facility for adults with mental disabilities. In 1997 we were able to open our first Snoezelen room, funded by the general management and donations.
As the facility is hosting a range of training courses and seminars for ISNA's "Additional qualification Snoezelen" 4 further smaller Snoezelen rooms have been installed within the different living quarters.
In addition to that we are very pleased to have...

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Heike Levin, Berlin

Pedagogically lead leisure activities in the Snoezelen room for families

1. Definition and aims/ priorities
Pedagogically lead leisure activities in the Snoezelen room for families fulfil the need of the entire family to spend time together. Families will come to sessions which are based around a specific topic. The focus lies with quality time spent together by combining the educational aspect with the relaxing atmosphere of the Snoezelen room . The educational aspect directs the attention onto the focus. A specific topic covered continually throughout all phases of activation and rest acts as a linking element and provides structure.

The focus of a Snoezelen session with grandparents, parents and children lies with:
- the conscious  positive shaping, care and support of the emotional relationship with one another through communality and autonomy of the family members.

That means, that emphasis is put on aspects such as
- communication
- listen to and being heard
- mimic and...

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Atsuko und Takuya Hashimoto, Japan

Visiting the affected area of Iwate prefecture using a Snoezelen van
2011- 07. 15 - 18
The Touhoku Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011.

Every day, we heard news that there were children who needed psychological care, and people who cannot sleep. We were considering doing something as part of our project, though we didn't know exactly what we, as fellow Japanese, could do.
We decided to reproduce the space that mimics a Snoezelen room with a relaxed atmosphere in a van. Then, we visited temporary housing in Kamaishi-city, Iwate-prefecture by van.



We kept in mind blocking off the sunlight and the car vibrations, and provided stimulation only through the equipment inside the car. People seemed to enjoy the room in their own way.

On this occasion, 43 people of varying age experienced that van. The breakdown of how many people and what they did in the Snoezelen van...

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in german: » Snoezelen – Förderung und Forderung? von Prof. Dr. Karl-Ernst Ackermann, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


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