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For the

Three-day Basic Module I: An introduction course
Three-day Basic Module II: Didactic and methodical principles (c.f. training program) 
Two-day Practical Modules III, IV and V  (cf. dates and list of lecturers)

Our experts are being appointed to teach their specialist subject for topics taught throughout the introduction and practical modules (2 days each). Depending on requests many current interests are being looked at such "Snoezelen with babies and toddlers", "Snoezelen to promote leaning", "Imaginary journeys", "Effects and use of music", ""Snoezelen for dementia-type illnesses", "Introduction of the Snoezelen-cart" etc. Experienced and qualified experts can be requested for in-house training courses in order to deliver training tailored to your facility's needs.

The teaching team is based predominantly in Germany but also in neighbouring countries. Courses are also held globally once or twice a year. Our lecturers exchange views and information and regularly take part in further training courses.

The courses required to obtain the "International recognised additional qualification Snoezelen" last altogether 12 days (Basic Module I and II 3 full days each; Practical Modules III, IV and V 2 days each). The participation of a two day introduction seminar will be recognised. Basic costs for each course are the same and can be requested from the Head of education and training, Helmut Wrede (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Basic Module I and Basic Module II follow a set program, Practical Modules are designed more target group specific and can vary depending on course management. ((c.f. Practical Modules))


Content of Modules

Basic Module I

Basic Module over 3 days (6 hours per day)

Basic Principles


  • Development, aims and intentions of Snoezelen
  • Understanding perception processes
  • Reflecting the needs of people with and without disabilities
  • Variation options and encouraging self-build materials
  • Reflecting carer and companion behaviour
  • Monitoring and documenting behaviour


  • Practical implementation of Snoezelen target group-specific and needs-led
  • Methods of presentation and implementation
  • Stimulating body experience and body awareness
  • Target group specific rearranging of the basic room
  • Using and experimenting with materials - according to needs
  • Testing supervision and guidance in practical situations
  • Promoting initiative
  • Questionnaire about well-being and using it to select equipment

Basic Module I and II are a requirement for participating in the following three two-day blocks (Practical Module III, Practical Module IV, Practical Module V) and will lead to the "International recognised additional qualification Snoezelen of the International Snoezelen Association ISNA - Snoezelen professional e.V." (cf. Fortbildungstermine können auch individuell mit dem Dozenten/der Dozentin abgesprochen werden. Training dates can also be arranged individually with the lecturer. Venues can be found on our website or can be arranged with the event manager for in-house courses (min. 8 participants).

Once the basic Module II has been completed, all other modules can be done in any order.


Basic Module II

Basic Module over 3 days (6 hours per day)

Didactic and methodical principles

ZTarget group:

Participants who have completed the Basic Module I.


  • Effects of Snoezelen
  • Principles of perceptual reception and perception processing
  • Needs of people with disabilities (depending on target groups of participants)
  • Planning of Snoezelen-rooms
  • Making materials
  • Targeted use of materials


  • Methods of presentation and implementation
  • Supervision and guidance
  • Observation of behaviour
  • Practical implementation based on focus areas (see theory)


Practical Modules III, IV and V

Practical Module 2 days each (6 hours per day)

Over the next two years ISNA will address the following key aspects:

1.  Snoezelen with children
1.1 Snoezelen for the early years - in the family
1.2 Snoezelen with babies and toddlers
1.3 Snoezelen in the nursery
2.  Snoezelen with children and adolescents 
2.1 Snoezelen with children in school
2.2 Snoezelen for children and adolescents with mental impairments
2.3 Snoezelen with for children and adolescents with conspicuous behaviour and behavioural disorders
2.4 Snoezelen with adolescents in spare time
3.  Snoezelen with children, adolescents and adults with specific conditions
3.1  Mental impairments / disabilities
3.2  Mental disability with specific consideration of people with severe multiple disabilities
3.3  Attention and concentration deficits - ADs and ADHS
3.4  Autism
3.5  Perceptual disorders (in specific areas: vision, hearing, body awareness ...)
3.6  General development and learning support
3.7  Apallic syndrome
3.8  Mental health issues (anxiety, depression, burnout....)
3.9  Dementia
4.  Snoezelen with elderly people
5.  Setting up Snoezelen rooms and Snoezelen corners
6.  Using the Snoezelen cart


The following specific areas are on offer for individual training courses:

    • Snoezelen with animals
    • Snoezelen in the water
    • Snoezelen with elderly people
    • Planning of Snoezelen rooms and corners
    • Snoezelen with the Snoezelen cart
    • Making music in the Snoezelen room
    • Snoezelen for people in hospices





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